About Me


I live with my wife and two children in the Seattle area, though we our planning a move to Lexington, KY in just a few months. My family is my life. My wife works by my side as my companion, assistant, model, and supporter. My children keep me in shape, both mentally and physically.

I always wanted to do something artistic with my life. I have an uncle that taught me the principles of painting and drawing while I was young. I looked up to him in almost every way, but I saw how much of a struggle it was for him to make it as an artist. I took every art class imaginable in high school and finally stumbled across a jewelry making class. I decided that was it, I wanted to be a jeweler.

I received a bench jewelers apprenticeship with a local jeweler my last two years of High School. I eventually moved to California and completed the Graduate Jewelers program at the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). It was while I was at GIA that I discovered CAD/CAM jewelry applications for design and manufacturing. I quickly took to 3D design and pushed ahead with the idea of designing jewelry. After several years of work as a freelance custom designer, I decided to return to school to further refine my skills as a jeweler; I obtained my Master's of Art from Ball State University in Muncie, IN in 2011.

I have worked in the jewelry industry for over half of my life. At this point I have covered nearly every facet of the industry, no pun intended. I have worked as a bench jeweler, 3D designer, customer service representative, sales associate and office manager. I always work for the best, and have always been able to contribute in a variety of ways. The jewelry industry is all I really know, and though there may be days I wonder what could have been if I had selected a different field, I wouldn't have it any other way: Jewelry is my life and my passion.

- Joshua D. Sanchez